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Lets Talk About Super Saaz / Saaz 72 Hops
Friday, January 19 2024

"Super Saaz" hops, as the name suggests, are an enhanced variant of the traditional and highly esteemed Saaz hops, known for their noble characteristics and extensive use in classic beer styles like Pilsners. These hops offer a rich, aromatic profile that has been favored in brewing for centuries.

Origin and Development

Super Saaz hops stem from the same lineage as the classic Saaz variety, which originated in the Czech Republic. This region is renowned for its long-standing tradition in hop cultivation and brewing. The development of Super Saaz hops is rooted in the desire to amplify the best qualities of Saaz while potentially offering increased versatility or different agronomic characteristics.  Super Saaz distinguishes itself with higher alpha acid content (6.27% compared to 3.40% in Czech Saaz), giving it an "Alpha Kick." It also features a beta acid content of 6.98% and total oil content of 1.


Super Saaz hops maintain the earthy, herbal, and spicy aromas that are hallmarks of their predecessor, the Saaz hops. However, they may offer a more pronounced intensity in these attributes or differ slightly in their oil composition and acid profile. The exact differences can vary based on growing conditions and cultivation practices.

Brewing Applications

The enhanced characteristics of Super Saaz hops make them suitable for a variety of beer styles. They are particularly well-suited for:

  • Traditional Czech Pilsners, where they can contribute a classic, noble hop profile.
  • Lagers and other light ales, where their refined aroma can add complexity without overpowering the delicate malt flavors.
  • Experimental and craft brews, where brewers seek to incorporate classic hop profiles with a twist.

Unique Aspects

What sets Super Saaz hops apart is their ability to bring a familiar, yet distinct, hop character to a brew. They offer a bridge between traditional brewing and modern craft innovations, allowing brewers to experiment while staying rooted in classic hop flavors.

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